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Email required Address never made public. Follow cybertext. I don't know how I missed seeing it. Hi Shahn, You can follow the instructions given here to resolve your problem. Hello, I am trying to change the date format of a field in Word that is extracted from a database Oracle , the field arrives with date format as dd-mm-yyyy, but I need to insert that date in mm- dd-yyyy Someone could help me?

Date format problem - US Dates in mail merge!

You can visit the English version of this link. Hi Deanne What did you put in the field code? For example:. I american date on mail merge checked that it is formatted correctly there and it is, and I have also checked that the fields are date fields, and they are! Top Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. Thank you, I will be using it a lot. Next...

Using Office we are performing a mailmerge from an Excel spreadsheet with a series of date entries, stored in date format DD/MM/YY to a. If your Excel file includes dates, times, currency values, or postal codes that begin or end in 0, see how to correctly format mail merge numbers. Hi, When I merge the data source with the document, the date format changes from UK format: 25/01/ (as it is entered in the Excel data.:

Have you ever used the Mail Merge feature in Word? Normally, it works like a charm. But ever so often the retrieved dates are not formatted as they should be. Does this mean you need to discard the Mail Merge feature and input your data manually? Of course not, and here's how you can change the format of your date mail merge fields.