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Many people in the United States vote on Election Day. The opposition PRD party leads the race in the seven-candidate field ahead of the May 5 vote. The first-round vote takes place June In years divisible by four, presidential elections are always held. The US Presidential election system works in a very different way to our own. Corey Lewandowski clashes with Democrats at House impeachment hearing. Hopefully these answers help.

When is Election Day 2019?

One candidate leads, but polls have been wrong before. Those inside the campaign reveal the cash was rolling in at an average rate of one million dollars an hour. Do Bolivians want american elections date to? Kamala Harris of California, Colorado Sen. But many other events are coming up between then and election day. Argentina's Electoral Calendar March 14, Next...

5 days ago Add Elections as an interest to stay up to date on the latest . Wouldn' t it be amazing if a president looked at the American people at. The official U.S. Electoral College web site, providing current information the timeline of key dates for the presidential election, information about laws of the Archivist of the United States, the States, the Congress, and the American People . In the United States, Election Day is the day set by law for the general elections of federal public officials. It is statutorily set as "the Tuesday next after the first.:

But the clock is ticking until the next US election — here's when America will head to the polls again, and whether the President is standing for re-election. In America, election votes take place every four years, and this will be the 59th election since the first in As always, it will be a drawn-out affair, with the primaries and caucuses set to stretch over the first half of the year. Those inside the campaign reveal the cash was rolling in at an average rate of one million dollars an hour. News of the bumper fundraising drive is being seen as a poke in the eye for the political pollsters and pundits who say Trump is lagging behind his potential challengers.