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Young, Single Men Choosing Vasectomies

Pass on this guy. Geeze man. Share This Page Tweet. They had a baby and he doesn't do a whole lot to take care of it. I'm in my mid-late 20s. Scott, a writer and producer who focuses on the child-free movement in North America.

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Email it to a friend! Pastuszak: Another great reason is that there are no side effects for the woman, and quite honestly there are almost no side effects for the men either. Two, I have horses and much of my time goes to them. Learn More. It was a very painful time, dating older man with vasectomy, and after we began to heal we became dead set on NOT having children. Next...

Ted Cox's mom cried when she found out that he had a vasectomy at 28, Perhaps as they grow older they may get questioned by their peers,” she said. . For one, I'm not interested in having my own kids, nor dating men. started dating a wonderful man who has scheduled a vasectomy for . only going to get worse as the relationship grows and you get older. I am currently dating a man who has had a vasectomy, though I've also had a tubal ligation myself (with no . 29 year old woman and her "Five year life plan".:

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