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9 Financial Red Flags in a Relationship

Using too much credit Is your better half racking a mountain of debt? Multiple jobs Hopping from one job to another may also be considered as one of the red flags in a relationship. What I am saying is find out how and why your loved one is in that situation. Next Post. Or, does your loved one use credit to pay for lifestyle? How we can help If money is becoming an issue in your relationship, you might find it useful to come in for Relationship Counselling.

5 Financial Problems That Can Kill Your Relationship

Using too much credit Is your better half racking a mountain of debt? Start acting like it. Back Dave Recommends. Back Tools. Here are some of the crazy ways your financial health can hurt your relationships. Next...

Financial insecurity can overwhelm other aspects of the relationship. Typically, each couple has their own pattern of unresolved arguments. Money issues can cause no end of arguments in a relationship. Through my experience as a professional couple counsellor, I've found that. Do you ever feel like money is a problem in your relationship? If so, you're not alone. Lots of us find money a tricky topic to talk about openly with our partners.:

Free Financial Peace University Podcast! Are you arguing with your spouse about money? Did you know money is the number one issue married couples fight about? No matter how much you love your spouse, trying to merge your lives—and your money—can be a bumpy but still beautiful! Here are seven mistakes couples make when it comes to their money and relationship—and how you can avoid them. Some couples think the best way to avoid money arguments is to keep separate checking accounts.