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37 Celebrity Couples So Secretive You Forgot They’re Dating

Prince William and Kate Middleton. Despite spending so much time in the public eye, Zendaya has managed to keep her relationship with fellow actor Tom Holland super private. These tales of celebrities meeting and falling in love are almost too cute for words. Why you forget they're together: Washington does not discuss her personal life publicly. After reuniting, the two became friends with benefits, much like their characters in their many, many rom-coms, before they started falling for each other IRL.

New celebrity couples of 2019

Davis shared a story about meeting her husband in Us Weekly that is almost too cute for words. I Accept. When the Shark Tank star was paired with the Australian pro for season 20 of Dancing With the Stars inneither of them predicted they'd meet the love of their life. Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer. Brie Larson, 29, and Alex Greenwald, hollywood couples dating, Travis Fimmel Loves and Hookups. Sure, some relationships are just rumors based on alleged hand-holding sightings. Next...

32 Celebrity Couples You Forgot Were Couples. They're the How long have they been together: The pair started dating quietly in Everyone's favorite That '70s Show couple, Kelso and Jackie, became real-life loves when they started dating in In a interview with. True love is a rarity, especially in the showbiz world. Couples come and go so fast it's impossible to keep track of who's dating who nowadays. But some of them .:

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