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In particular, the day for holding the Jumu'ah prayer appears to be local Friday everywhere in the world. For example, at UTC on January 2, it is:. See Deen, Prof. Cite this article:. The easternmost island of Kiribati was renamed to Millennium Island, because it was the first part of the world which saw the new millennium. Islamic Community Center Anchorage Alaska. The Philippines had very good trade relations with Mexico.

What Is the International Date Line and How Does it Work?

International date of line of the modern-era opinions cited in [29] and [30] were produced in response to this situation, international date of line. Government and commercial concerns on opposite sides of the line could only conduct routine business by radio or telephone on the four days of the week which were weekdays on both sides. For internal purposes, such as work and meal hours, ships use a time zone of their own choosing. Technically, it is three separate dates at once for two hours per day between 10 and UTC or Greenwich Mean Time. Quote useful dating tips from the session of 14 October. To travel from Tonga to Samoa by air, for example, takes about two hours but involves crossing the International Date Line, causing passengers to arrive the day before they left. Thus, the day he would add to his clock throughout his journey would be thoroughly removed upon crossing this imaginary line. Next...

International Date Line, imaginary line extending between the North Pole and the South Pole and arbitrarily demarcating each calendar day from the next. The International Meridian Conference () and Afterwards. click for a larger As such the term 'International Date Line' is thus in fact a misnomer. Its exact. international date line, imaginary line on the earth's surface, generally following the ° meridian of longitude, where, by international agreement, travelers.:

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