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Is A Long Distance Relationship Worth It? Here's When It's Worth Your Time

By Kate Ferguson. Unless you video chat the person, be aware that there's always a small chance that they might not be who they say they are. Do long distance relationships work? Live in different time zones? Written by Savannah Hunter. We went from talking and flirting a little bit on Kik, Snapchat, and Skype to talking nearly every day.

What can you do to make your Long Distance Relationship work?

I only have so much mental, emotional and physical energy to go around. Going for walks to your favorite coffee shop and showing them around where you do your shopping and live your daily life is a great idea. Whether one of you moved after getting together in-person or you met online, most people in long-distance relationships hope to be together in-person someday. It seems slightly obsessive, but it actually works and became an on-going joke for us. Making a long-distance relationship work takes willingness and commitment. Even if I brush my teeth, I tell him, long distance relationships not worth it. Next...

Here are 6 reasons why longdistance relationships never work. Some of these reasons are not enough communication, no surety of your future. I do admit that there are ways to successfully navigate a long-distance relationship, but they have nothing to do with love. They have everything. Editor's note: This article is a part of a head-to-head. Read the other article here.:

There are plenty of people out there who can handle long-distance, but not me. Long-distance relationships require quite the financial commitment in addition to everything else. I hate to sound cynical… but I am. Trust is a difficult element of any relationship, let alone one that spans thousands of miles. I would have no way of really knowing what he was doing or with whom, so I would have to rely on trust alone.