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9 Things To Do In Your Relationship To Survive Tough Times

Boring Sex. Contemptuous communication works like poison - it destroys the health and well-being of a romantic relationship. Health Problems. If your existing social groups aren't a good fit, try making new friends together. Do not have unrealistic expectations for your partner.

The Top 15 Things That Cause Stress In Relationships, According To A New Survey

You just have to decide what's important to you, and communicate all of that to your partner. In fact, studies have found it's the biggest source of stress in a relationship. Speaking of trust issues, once trust is broken it's often really really hard to get it back, things that cause problems in relationships. But if there seems to be no chemistry whatsoever, keep in mind this problem doesn't always work itself out — especially if you aren't willing to talk about it. Sex Drive Issues. Next...

It's easy to blame your partner for relationship problems, but relationships take two. From being unappreciative to comparing your partner to. Recognizing your own faults in relationships is hard. If you're self-sabotaging and causing problems in an otherwise happy relationship. 3 days ago 25 Common short- and long-term relationship problems. Relationship-issues / By . that lead to a change in relationship dynamics (see: Your partner in jail for help). my intention. The thing is – you can't change him or her!.:

One of the best qualities you can have in your relationship is resiliency. Every couple goes through their share of ups and downs. But truly resilient couples who come out the other side when going through hard times in a relationship can be stronger than before. So, what are these couples doing that everyone else isn't? That means, they fight for what they want, even if that means sometimes fighting each other. They communicate in healthy ways and are open about their feelings with one another. Most importantly, they are both crystal-clear about what it is they want out of the relationship.